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Fix your loose wall sockets in seconds

  • No Repair Necessary

  • No Circuit Breakers Involved

  • No electrical knowledge or mechanical skill compulsory.

Save Money and Time

No need to call a Handyman or Electrician, which can cost a lot of money. No need to fix a loose wall socket by yourself which takes a lot of know-how and time.


Easy to Order

Visit StoreVisit our store today and click on Buy Now. Your Essential Package of Socket Savers will be mailed to you Immediately. Quality is guaranteed. Many of our customers are ordering for friends, family, and employees as a gift. The Socket Saver™ proved to be a fantastic stocking stuffer over Christmas. Enjoy your Socket Savers™ now.

Visit StoreSimple idea. Astonishing results.

The Socket Saver is an Easy, Safe and Effective Solution!

Simply slide the the Socket Saver over the plug at the end of your appliance cord, then insert the plug into the wall. This snug new fit keeps all your appliances working.

No more annoying problems when the plug falls out of the wall while vacuuming, drying your hair, using a power tool, or recharging your electronic devices (phone, laptop, and other portable devices). If you own an older home or are renting and have loose wall sockets, this is the easy fix for you.

Socket Savers Are Inexpensive, Efficient and Portable.

The Essential Package includes 10 Socket Savers. The cost is only $9.99 and not only are your household appliance problems solved, but also your travel needs.

Just slip a few Socket Savers in your briefcase, purse or backpack when traveling so you don’t have any frustration with loose wall receptacles at hotels, airport terminals, internet cafes, older office buildings, and other similar situations when your appliance plugs won’t stay connected.

Patented. For interior use only.

Get Connected and Stay Connected.