Our Story

The Socket Saver™

About the inventor and the inspiration for the Socket Saver™

The Socket Saver™ was invented out of day-today frustration and necessity. The inventor lived in an older home with numerous loose wall sockets and each day his appliance cords would fall out of the wall sockets during use. It became a chore using his power tools, the vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, microwave oven, toaster, blender and the like, because these appliances would suddenly lose power when the plug fell out of the socket.

The inventor, Barry Connelly says, “bending the plug tongs outward didn’t help. Eventually I got used to holding the hair dryer in my right hand while pushing the plug into the wall with my left.” He remembers, “what a frustration! I had the skills and know-how to replace my eight worn-out wall sockets, but getting around to it was another thing.” Connelly says, that meant driving to a hardware store, finding and purchasing replacement receptacles, finding the right circuit breaker for each loose wall socket, turning off the electricity, taking out the old receptacle and installing a new one. Then I had the steps of reattaching each wall plate, turning on the electricity , and re-setting all of the clocks in the house. It didn’t seem worth the effort. My only alternative was to call an electrician or handyman and pay a lot of money for a job that I could do myself.”

He said to himself, “there has to be an easier way.”

Inventive by nature, Connelly manufactured a unique device that fixed his worn out wall sockets without having to replace them. It worked flawlessly, no repair time required, no circuit breakers involved, no replacement fixtures needed, and no frustration. Connelly knew he had come up with a reliable, safe, and easy fix for any loose wall socket problem.

Connelly says, “now anyone can quickly, safely, and easily transform a worn out wall socket into being like new again in under a minute. It doesn’t matter what type of receptacle you have, the Socket Saver™ solves the problem. It’s the simple way to be your own electrician.”

Connelly patented his invention and trademarked it as Socket Saver™. It evolved into an additional Socket Saver™ Wall Plate, and the Instant Electrician Socket Saver™ Handyman Kit. Connelly tested his invention with the general public and the positive response was overwhelming. Across the board, regardless of age, gender, education, or occupation, the Socket Saver™ was a must have product.